Third Party
Synthetic Turf Sports Field Owners (facility directors & management): Do you want your field to last? We share the same goal! If the company you hire for managing your investment specializes in sales and installation, chances are they may not prioritize your best interests. In reality, it is beneficial to installatlation company if your Synthetic Turf Field fails and a replacement is needed.
We have decades of experience in installing Athletic Sports Fields from all the top manufacturers. We know everything there is to know about synthetic turf, and stay current with the latest innovations and technology. Despite knowing everything there is to know about the athletic turf installation... Our goal is to help our customer maintain their investment to have a long life after warranties are up to save money on investment.
Being in the turf world for over 20 years, we want to do what is right for schools, taxpayers and communities. Having a third party not involved with your installation or your next field will save you money down the line. We aren't counting the days till your warranty is up...looking to replace it..