Infill and Surface Cleaning

Ahead of the Game, Synthetic Turf Maintenace using cutting edge equipment to de-compact your infill and return the turf fibers to their upright position, while cleaning and redistributing the top layer of infill material back to your playing field. Our equipment vacuums the smallest particles from your infill, including dust, pollen, and hair, in addition to removing large debris such as construction materials, loose fibers, bird droppings, leaves, and seeds. You are left with a clean and level playing field which will help you maximize the life of your field and keep players safety.

Inspection of Seams and Repairs

SEAM INSPECTION AND REPAIR It is common to find seams lifting over time, especially around inlaid lines and logos. It is more unusual to see sidelines open up due to the fact that these would have been tufted in at the point of manufacturing. In addition to heavy usage from everyday play, weather conditions and freezing temperatures can break down the glue and create weaknesses in the joints. Ahead of the Game, Synthetic Turf Maintenance, will do on-site field inspections and comprehensive seam and turf repair.


Ahead of the Game, Synthetic Turf Maintenace will give you an unbiased, third Party Gmax testing which evaluates how your field is aging and analyzes surface hardness and shock-absorbing characteristics. As your field ages, it looses its ability to absorb shock due to high usage, compaction, and infill segregation. These values can be reduced by grooming or top dressing your field. For optimum synthetic turf playing field performance, fields should have Gmax results between 120 and 145. Experts recommend that it is best to have your field tested once a year


It is recommended that all fields be groomed every 150 to 200 hours of use. At a minimum, your field should be groomed several times during the periods of peak use and less often during down times. Specially designed brushes, which feature triangular arrangement, are pulled across the surface, lifting the fibers into a more upright orientation. Grooming services therefore straighten and groom each fiber for an attractive and realistic finish to the synthetic turf. Maximize This process helps maximize fiber lifespan and enhances field color vibrancy and overall field appearance. Brushes move surface infilll to areas which require attention after play, leaving you with a level and true playing surface. Grooming rejuvenates the fibers, which maximizes performance and keeps your field looking good longer. Regular grooming also gives your field extra padding, improves traction, and ensures proper drainage